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Welcome To Hissing Pines!

About My Farm

Hissing Pines? What a goofy name - where did that come from???

My husband and I moved to Woodstock, Illinois over 19 years ago. 5 acres, peace and quiet, country life.

Fast forward to walking the property with our pets at the time, OJ and Hoover, our two 'sweet' felines. Okay, not so sweet when it came to the walks. They would immerse themselves in the pine tree groves and fight. Hence, Hissing Pines! The last of the founders of Hissing Pines, OJ, passed away at the age of 22.

I grow heirloom rhubarb in my gardens - this rhubarb has been in my family for over 50 years traveling the country from grandma's house in Chicago to Kentucky and then back to Illinois! The rhubarb was accompanied by grandma's peonies which continue to grow and thrive here at my home.

Meet Cassie and Rush, mother and son - they are the property managers and security team.